Sunday, October 31, 2010

It has been almost 8months since my last post (:

I has this sudden urge to blog. maybe because I feel like expressing out how i feel yet at the same time i do not want to let people know what I am feeling now .

School has started for 3months. Currently I am studying in NUS FASS. I remember before I started Uni, people told me that the toughest period was JC life and it is all over. So now, I should be able to enjoy life and have more time for myself. However, this is not the case! The workload is at least 5times heavier, with tons and tons of readings for me to clear. Haizxc, seriously.. i don noe how I will be doing for the end of years. keeping my fingers cross ):

and, random but important :

a simple message from you can brighten my day.. even if it means to stare at my phone for half a day (:

and the feeling is getting stronger..

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10/31/2010 04:16:00 PM

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

urghs. my blog is getting dead !

oh wells! HAHA! i suddenly have those urge to blog tonite (:

first thing first >< FRIDAY IS COMING ! -faints- oh man! three months jus passed by in a whoosh!! Zzz.. jus two more days of.. freedom? -_-! dere's nothing much i cn do except hoping and praying for the best ! .. im really freaking out .

dhen.. last sunday i went all the way from CCK to TAMPINESS -_- why?? for my FIRST AMBIGUOUS FAM OUTING :D yes people~ im still playing audition (wow?!) my first time meeting my online friends ~ haha u rocks Ambi ! AND PANNY DEAR ~ I LOVE YOU ! HAHAHA!! it was kinda funny.. although it was oni the first time dat i met panny dear.. but we jus hit it off straight away .. lyk we KNOW each other for years! and yes panny, i will forgive u for pinching my cheeks right after u saw me.. but DON do it again ! ROARS!
:D cant wait for the next outing ! PRAWNING SESSION? @_@ haha!

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3/03/2010 10:59:00 PM

Sunday, January 10, 2010


why is dere lyk never ending of work to be completed everyday !
dis is so different from the first week when i was dere ):
now i even nid to go to the store and help settle problems at the store..
dis is soooo tiring !

i went shopping dis saturday :D
wib jean, mandy and joy ~
HAHA jean = zheng :P so fun calling her english name and seeing her reaction :P
yes~ i got my FIRST PAY already !
wheeee :D
bought a new outfit for my office wear ~ and a pair of flats !
but still haben found my bag yet ):

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1/10/2010 09:30:00 PM

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it's gonna be another update about my workplace ! :D yeah! *pompom*

okay. i gotta confess.. working isnt all that easy and fun ...!
firstly.. i nidda wake up EVERY weekDAY at 6am ! jus lyk a normal sch day ! yes~ working requires u to sacrifice ur BEAUTY sleep! and no~ u no longer have the luxury to snooze as long as you lyk alrite !
then. u will need to SQUEEZE into the morning train wib other passengers ==! okay~ it was still okay in the morning.. i can tahan being a sardine for a moment or two.. BUT when afta a day of hard work.. when u nid to SQUEEZE into the evening train wib other passengers who STINKs. ARGH u can jus die at the spot ! yes believe me.. u wont be able to TAHAN ok.. u will rather hold ur breathe for the rest of the journey.
guess what.. thats not the end! for me.. who work as a Logistics Assistant.. yaya~ u get to stay in the air-conditioned office and seat on a cushion rolling chair(whadeva u call that.. u gt wad i mean rite) , but u will be staring at a screen for lyk at least 80% of ur working time ! and ur butt can rot .. from all those sitting down. yup. u will have work to do.. but it's abit boring?

hmmmms.. so.. why do i "yeah" at the beginning?
well... HAHA becos.. at the office .. theres a super cute guy.. LOL !! he brightens up my day jus by seeing him.. :p omg im sounding super hua-zhi . but i heard from my mentor.. he has only worked for lyk 1-2yrs :D meaning he JUST graduate not long ago~ meaning he is only SLIGHTLY older than me! LOL. he really is damn shuai.. and tall.. and fit... (FIT not lyk dar's lee min ho's big muscular chest. jus simply fit wib no visible excess fats) and he's an engineer! yeahh~ thats why i wont feel sian goin to work despite facing all those major difficulties along the way! HAHA ! jus kiddin nar.. im not so despo :P but he is really an eyecandy :D
then oso at the production line~ got some other eyecandies .. but abit beng lyk dat :X so the engineer is still a better eyecandy :D!

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12/22/2009 07:44:00 PM

Monday, December 21, 2009


believe it anot ~ i had signed up for JAPANESE CUISINE cooking lesson and BAKING course ! LOL ! yeah :D i love to cook!! and... i CAN cook ! ~soon

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12/21/2009 07:39:00 PM

Second day at ViQuest !
Yep~ i found a job :D (finally)
working as a temporary Logistic Assistant .
First day was pretty boring.. becos i went dere lyk ' zhou bo' (do nothing)!
but today was better !
im owaes doing sumthing thru-out the day :D
and my eyes kinda hurt for staring at the comp. for long hours

oh! speaking of xmas~ i had early xmas party ytd !
omg it was damn FUN !
not onli we exchanged presents, decorate the house wib lots of sparlings stuff and the big xmas tree.. this yr there was soooo much more presents ! LOL the presents surrounding the tree was all over the floor la ! there was hardly space to walk pass !
Anw~ we played a game called "Red indian" ? or sumthing la.. Lol the point is the loser will have to drink a cup of liquid mix with 7-up/vodka/tiger beer . Yea~ there was some of us who's below 18.. but mostly alreadi are young adults/adults/old adults :P LOL ! and during one of the round.. i tio lor ! wah but lucky i tio.. den i can try the vodka ! LOL alcoholic content FOURTY PERCENT ! much more intense than those i drank in the pub... i took a big sip.. and INSTANTLY my throat was burning ! Lol! heng ahboy-kor helped me finished half of it :D and jenny-jie the rest :D but i do like the burning feeling :P hehe~ maybe i can try again soon?

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12/21/2009 07:18:00 PM

Monday, December 14, 2009


yeahh! i finally won the competition ~ i nervous de yao si !
hehe~ love the *dang-dang-dang* sound when i entered the room!

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12/14/2009 10:30:00 PM

Thursday, December 10, 2009

oh man.. i really wanna sleep =_____= but i tink it is becos the coffee at Mac.. now i totally dont feel lyk sleeping ! ><
the PROM was fun :D took lots lots lots of pictures ~ but nidda wait for dar to upload those pics ~ who says AJ people not pretty der ! omg lor.. last nite, the ballroom was filled wib babes and hunks la... everyone was very well-dressed ! Guys in ties, vests, blazers with their hair coloured and spiked/styled. Girls in tubes, full length , off-shoulders gowns decorated wib sparkles, ribbons and flowers.. it was WOW ! Minghui even *grew* 9cm for this prom :P the dishes were okay.. im in love wib the deluxe cold dish!! @-@ especially the mayo prawns and baby octopus ~! then the rest were pretty much the same as restaurant standard dishes.. SiYing got nominated as one of the prom queen candidates by her beloved 01/08 (us!) haha! she was in the washroom and totally out of the situation when her name was announced by the emcee ! xP in the end the Prom King and Prom Queen were F2 and M2.. wich i donno who dey are :S oh! the guy was ShiLing's PAP friend LOL!
anyway~ afta our prom ended.. some of us went to Clarke Quay to continue wib our celebration~ and we WALKED all the way from Meritus Mandarin wib our very high heels.. all the way dere. We ended up in a pub .. and dey checked our IC before lettin us in . my very first time entering a pub ever since i turned 18 :P haha i was expecting more live and craziness actually.. but i tink the atmosphere was okay-okay. maybe i shld try clubbing next time instead :D
Dar and I ordered Cosmopolitan which is a Martini consisting of cranberry and lemon juice and sum other stuffs wich i cant recall.. anyway the point is.. i don lyk it ! =____= it tasted bitter.. lyk some kinda cough syrup? *yucks!!* but we did finish it. then Euhao started goin crazy and ordered two shooters which i believed has higher alcoholic content than martini ! Boon and him drank down both.. and faces got red! haha ! but one of the shooters named 'Blowjob' (don ask me why tat name) looks tasty.. becos it has whipped cream on top :D lol~ so Dar and I ordered a 'Blowjob' as well :D and guess what? it tastes much more bitter than Cosmopolitan ! and u can feel the heat down ur throat almost immediately when u drank it.
okay..i donno what happened.. but i tink i started to get alil high.. and ya i was laughin wibout any reason i tink. but i was NOT drunk ! i must emphasize this.. NOT drunk! becos... my vision was clear and i can walk in a very straight line! :D so i donno why the rest keep sayin im drunk .. must be from my red cheeks. but it was a good experience haha. since alcohol doesnt seem to be my cup of drink.. i will try less next time..
then ard 2am.. we started to walk here walk dere.. found a great place by the singapore river.. so the whole lot of us jus sat there and started toking rubbish. Bala attempted to start the topic on our Xmas party.. but failed.. and around that time.. im lyk half-dead.. my eyelids were v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. HEAVY! and my headache was gettin worst.. i MISSED my bed v,v.v.v.v.v.v.v. much!!!!! Siying and Waldron went off first.. becos Siying missed her bed too much.. and Waldron being the boyfriend.. will (of cos) follow rite :P afta wich we started walked back to the Mac and had an extremely earli breakfast.
and gosh lo.. i drank half cup of coffee and now i cant sleep alreadi..... =___________=! my dark circles are gettin bigger!!!!!

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12/10/2009 08:02:00 AM

Friday, December 4, 2009

hees~ :D

and i put lots effort to find it kaes!
on the first day, we went to fareast but only dar managed to find hers ><
so we went over to Tangs.. well.. those i like definitely exceed my budget!
so the first day was pretty sucky !
cos the stuffs i bought were totally not related to prom! ._.

hmm.. then ytd i went to Causeway Point..
the dresses at Metro.. were only so-so :X
felt so disheartened la ! becos dar told me that she alreadi confirmed her prom dress T-T
made me feel so aimless and uncertain if i can find my prom dress !

FINALLY, today!
yes i found it !
muahaha~ it is BEAUTIFUL ! :P
we went to Jurong Point.. browse thru a few shops..
but those were either tooooo expensive.. or not nice!
LUCKILY. dar recommeded a shop at JP1 ~
and since the shop assistant seems very very helpful
and keen to intro to me the dresses,
so i listened lo.
HEHE. and there~ i found it !
LOL. i am still damn happy that i found it !
wheeee~ i even bought my black heels . wich is pretty high ><
but i love the ribbons! ^^


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12/04/2009 11:38:00 PM

Thursday, December 3, 2009

yay! :D

Jus changed my blogskin~

a sudden craving for black and white ~

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12/03/2009 09:30:00 AM

Y Dancing Queen
Her name is Xiuhan
Studies in Anderson JC
likes shopping, watchin movies

Y She Wants
get into UNIVERSITY of her choice
a temp. JOB wib HIGH pay
SPARE cash
PROM dress
DYE her hair

Y Her People

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Y She Thanks
blogskin : skin
picture : deviantart
recommend : cbox